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Fate is a dealer’s game. The question is, What is the fate of the dealer?

Gaming is the master metaphor for human behavior in Kali Yuga (3102 BCE – 2216 CE). In the last two centuries of Kali Yuga, the human condition goes haywire and everyone on the planet becomes totally deranged.  The wrathful goddess Kali oversees  a world that runs on addiction, whose inhabitants perish in make-believe and loneliness. What is spiritual attainment in such a madhouse?  In Kali’s view, even enlightenment is just a game pretenses. Whoever has the most transparent pretenses, wins. Right now I am winning that game. I have an unfair advantage, of course, since I am the only one (so far) who knows that it is a game.

Welcome to Kali Rising. It’s the name of a casino that stands in the ruins of civilization, on the charnel ground of the human species, where neither sun nor moon shine, but a few stars flicker through the smoke-veiled sky, and whatever is seen at all, for one instant and truly so,  must be glimpsed in the coppery glow of the luminous desolation of the heart.

Despite appearances to the contrary, this blog is not a self-indulgent confessional exercise–the typical spew of ego blather. Yes, it contains poetry of an intimate personal nature. Outlandish claims and declarations of enormous presumption. Also, some pornography obviously based on the love life of the author.  But this blog is merely a pretext, and not what it may appear to be. It is intended for another purpose than self-disclosure. It has a wild, insidious aim. Whatever I say here that appears to be intimate to me personally, self-indulgent and even self-intoxicated, is not so, not in reality, not in the final count. This blog is just a fleeting chance for a glimpse of Kali’s Game.

“A stalking horse is a person who tests a concept with someone, or mounts a challenge against them, on behalf of a third party, who remains anonymous. Similar to the concept of testing the water.”

Consider JLL  a stalking horse for humanity, mounting a challenge against it, on behalf of Kali. In this case the third party does not remain anonymous. The game is even wilder: the third party is imaginary.  And wilder still, for humanity is also imaginary: a figment in the waking dream of the earth, Gaia. Kali is the wrathful form of Gaia, the eruption of her rage. So, between an imaginary goddess and a species propagated in the imagination of that goddess, I stand alone and play fate, wondering who besides me can this handle this game.  We’ll see about that.

Fate is a dealer’s game, but what is the fate of the dealer? Perhaps this on-line journal, so ungraciously named “blog,” will generate an answer to that question.

The casino of Kali Rising is now formally open to all players.

jll 29 March 2009 Andalucia: Chinnamasta Shift

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