JLL: John Lamb Lash. Chronologically born 1945 in NYC. Virtual age, 17. Irish-Italian. Heterosexual.

Leading pretenses: the Maine terton, black swan tantrika, lyric poet, last of 124 surviving authentic Romantics on the planet, natural-born mystic, turbo-porn ass-licking devotee of Kali.

Recognized pretenses: teacher of mythology and comparative religion (successor/heir of Campbell and Eliade), critic of belief-systems, specialist in Gnosticism and Asian mysticism, nemesis of the Archons, 1960s veteran psychonaut, devotee of Gaia-Sophia, adept of naked-eye astronomy and stellar mythology, precession of the equinoxes, cosmic timing, discoverer of the 5th axis in the Dendera Zodiac, astrologer (retired) using tropical and stellar formats simultaneously.

Professional pretenses: author of The Seeker’s Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero – Manhood and Power, Quest for the Zodiac, and Not in His Image, co-founder and principal author of metahistory.org, co-creator with (Joanna Harcourt-Smith) of future primitive.org.

Pretenses to be recognized: meme-buster, meta-teleological anarchist, originator of Gaian atmospheric alchemy, codebreaker  of the Star Zodiac, transgressive warrior for the Goddess, proponent of rite action, first identified messenger of Kala Tantra, Shri Nirmana Kala, love me or leave me alone.

Fate is a dealer’s game. JLL

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