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Farewell, Eurydice


For Emma

Orpheus the shaman defied the powers of the Underworld to find his

woman Eurydice and return her to life, but when he looked back to
see if she was following him out of the realm of the dead, he lost her 


How do you know when love is right?  Totally right? When it is the
love that makes final sense of your life? The love that reveals your
fate and may be its consummating mark, the seal of completion?


The answer is contained in the question: the love that reveals your
fate will also seal it. Yet this is not the complete answer, for love
holds a force of  transformation so strong and far-reaching that it can
even alter fate itself.


This story is about how I found such a love, and how it changed my
fate. Consider it a pornographic fable of love, if you like. Since I hap-
pen to be a man who adores women, carnally and in other ways as
well, the supreme force of transformation in my life incarnated in a
woman. She, Ava Tavistock, is my Eurydice.



March 29, 2009